Manta S.A. the Official Technological Partner of Drift Masters Grand Prix


Warsaw, 4 March 2016 - One of the world's best drifting leagues - Drift Masters GP – has established co-operation with the largest Polish supplier of radio and television equipment and domestic appliances - Manta S.A. The joint activities of the companies will consist in promotion and marketing.

For each Drift Masters Grand Prix event in the 2016 season Manta will deliver high-quality radio and television equipment, including e.g. power audio loudspeakers, sports cameras, LED TV sets, electric skateboards, smartwatches, and smartphones.

Under the sponsorship agreement, Drift Masters GP will engage in activities promoting and advertising the brand and its products during the competitions organised in the 2016 season. This year's edition comprises 14 rounds which will be held in Poznań, Płock, Warsaw, Mikołajki, Riga, and Gdańsk.

"Motor sports inherently entail technology. And each year this connection is stronger. The same applies to drifting. Co-operation with Manta S.A. - the Polish leader of consumer electronics - is very valuable to us. Drift Masters GP League uses numerous advanced solutions for the purposes of conducting competitions, streaming, refereeing, and organising shows for Fans. The support we receive from Manta will enable us to use the potential of drifting - the most spectacular motor sport - even better" – stresses Mariusz Woźnicki, Marketing Director.

"After many year of sponsoring football, and while expanding our portfolio with new categories and products, now is the time to extend our support to spectacular sports activities. That is why we have decided to establish co-operation with Drift Masters GP" - says Katarzyna Śliwińska, Head of Marketing and PR in Manta S.A.

Drift Masters Grand Prix is a Polish drifting league that has been organised since 2014. Its aim is to work with the world's best contestants, promote competitive car races on tracks and specially prepared facilities, ensure the safety of fans and contestants, organise the best drifting league in Europe, and promote drifting among fans as a championship in precise and safe car racing

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