The holiday season is approaching


The time of holiday vacations, numerous travels, and associated unforgettable experiences approaches. Summer novelties from Manta's Sport line, thanks to films with vivid colours and sharp images, will be appreciated not only by cyclists, motorcyclists and motorisation enthusiasts, but all fans of spending time in active and enjoyable manner. Manta recommends using the equipment as often as possible - because unique moments happen unexpectedly.

Innovative MM9360 ACTIVE 360 sports camera is a modern device that records a 360 degree image. This is a product that will definitely attract the attention. Equipped with Sony sensor, it records in MP4 format with 4K resolution. What makes this model stand out is a very good price to quality ratio.

Another interesting proposition is the 4K MM9358 DUAL ACTIVE sports camera with two screens. When during the recording, the preview screen automatically goes out (optimisation of battery life), thanks to the additional screen on the front of the device, instant access to user-relevant functions is immediately available. You can monitor the battery level, the number of remaining pictures to be taken, and the remaining recording time. The camera stands out not only in functionality but also in image quality. Films are recorded in Ultra HD 4K resolution (3200x1800 pixels) and the angle of view of the lens is 170 degrees.

The third model is 4K MM9359 STEADYCAM ACTIVE sports camera with image stabilisation.
Its most important advantage is the ability to capture smooth image without unexpected shakes, pulls, hand vibrations of the person holding the camera. The image will be sharp and clear. In addition, it has been equipped with a powerful Sony sensor. The angle of view of the lens is 170 degrees.

Manta sports cameras do not take up valuable space and can be brought literally everywhere. All three models support memory cards up to 64GB. Each one of them will prove to be perfect for recording in motion, and thanks to the waterproof housing – also underwater. This improved waterproof housing lets you record at a depth of up to 40 meters. The functionality is determined not only by the product itself, but by the possibilities provided by its additional equipment. All cameras have a large number of adapters and handles that allow you to mount your device in the desired position and in various places. It makes them suitable for use in many situations.

Suggested retail prices (gross):
Manta MM9358 DUAL ACTIVE: 299 PLN,
Manta MM9360 ACTIVE 360: 399 PLN

Links to the product pages:

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