EAN: 5907377861201

Halogen Oven

The multi-function convection oven has brought an end to the traditional cooking way. While cooking, the convection oven produces a circle of hot moving air, which cooks the food all over evenly. The cooked food becomes a very delicious dish with its natural flavor and full nutrition.

The model of the convection oven is reasonably designed with attractive appearance. There is a 65°c – 250°c scope temperature controller (thermostat) and 0-60 or 90 minute scope timer. You may select the cooking temperature and cooking time for your food. The hot air inside the oven will never bring about smoke, nor will the food be burnt. Your kitchen is then clean and safe, free from contamination.

The convection oven not only saves you from the heavy kitchen work, but also makes your cooking enjoyable.

Additional functions:Minutnik 60min, Sygnał zakończenia pracy, Płynna regulacja do 250stC
Additional Equipment:Pierścień powiększający do 17L, Dwa ruszty w zestawie, Żaroodporna misa
Device power:1450W

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