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PowerTab Basic

Best in class

Manta MID714 tablet has the best price to quality ratio. It is also one of the most popular Manta tablets, enjoying recognition among many users. The device was designed for persons who want to have access the Internet, e-mail, and like to spend their time using multimedia and advanced programs.

Supercharged power

The device uses a two-core Rockchip RK3168 Cortex-A9 Dual Core processor with a 1.2 GHz clock. Additional support for advanced 3-D games and programs is provided by Power VR SGX540 graphics accelerator. The smooth operation with several applications running is guaranteed by 512 MB RAM.

Everything at hand

A sufficiently large display is key for working comfortably. A 7" screen is a perfect compromise between legibility and size. 800x480 pix matrix will be sufficient for all necessary shortcut icons and widgets and the broad angle view and great colour rendering makes using Manta MID714 a true pleasure. Five-point multitouch screen makes it easy and intuitive to manipulate the device.

Connect with the world

Thanks to the internal WiFi card, you can connect to the wireless Internet once you are around a hotspot. Thanks to the USB 2.0 port, Manta MID714 works with external 3G modems, which make you independent of the wireless networks. The device was meant to ensure convenient browsing of on-line resources - browsing websites, writing and reading e-mails and using social networks.

Have everything at hand

Do you need to take your vacation photos with you? Or maybe you need to play your favourite music to your friends? 4GB of fast, internal flash memory - all of the above you may keep in your tablet. However, if there is a need, you may extend the memory by 32 GB thanks to broadly available and inexpensive Micro SD cards.

A cloud of your data

Along with the tablet, you will have an option of using the MANTA BOX service for free, offering access to as much as 5 GB of disk space for your files. MANTA BOX uses Cloud technology – you may log in to your cloud from any device that can connect to the Internet. It is a great device to store and transfer your documents, multimedia and anything else you want.

Create, play, use

The tablet works together with Google Play shop, offering hundreds of thousands of apps and games, also free ones, allowing to extend the capabilities of the device and play without limits. Thanks to that, Manta MID714 is a perfect offer for all those seeking for a modern, multimedia device, both for day-to-day work and entertainment.

Always safe

Manta MID706S tablet is resistant to external damages. The elegant and handy case protects the screen and rubber-lined back ensures a firm grip. That is why you can use it without worrying at school, a work, university and on the train, or in other public transportation.

VOD zone

VOD zone is a virtual video rental allowing to watch films on a tablet or smartphone. In its broad offer, the VoD zone has films that will fit any of your moods. Hundreds of titles available at your click. Feature films and documentaries. Films for kids and adults. Polish and world cinema. All of this supplemented by interesting special features, selected scenes, information on the actors and cinema quizzes available on Facebook. All in best picture and sound quality, in a very convenient point-based payment system.

NOTE: VOD cone is available on selected Manta devices. Along with the tool on which VOD Zone is installed, the user receives a voucher for 5 films free of charge.

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