About us

Manta S.A. is a Polish company with 17 years of experience, which came into existence as a result of young people’s passion for the world of computers, games and virtual reality of the Internet. Initially, the company conquered the market of DVD players (over 5.5 million devices sold) and then focused on the production of DVD-T decoders (over 1 million devices sold) and tablets, to enter the market of smartphones in 2013. Along with consumer electronics equipment, Manta develops its range of home appliances and can about achieving great successes in this area. The introduction of a new service and technical assistance (RMA) contributed to the company’s development, as it extended the range and quality of the provided services. Manta S.A. supports Polish education and sport and is the official partner of the Polish national football team. It is worth emphasising that the company has been constantly expanding its sales network into other countries, which makes Manta brand products better recognised in the majority of European and EMEA region countries.

History of Manta:
1998 - first product: PRO ACTION REPLAY
1999 – anime VHS tapes and accessories for video game consoles
2000 – gaming and Office suite accessories for PCs
2001 – introducing into the market a series of Manta-branded speakers
2002 - promoting HAWK brand as data storage devices and achieving over 50% of market share
2003 – launching the first DVD-001 player and strengthening Manta brand
2004 – enriching electronic equipment with other DVD players, Discmans, CRT TVs and the first Polish mobile phone.
2005 – promoting the trend for MPEG 4 players and EMPEROR series, launching HAWK DVD+/-R discs
2006 – launching LCD products series, opening the small appliances sale channel
2007 – reorganisation of the company, strengthening MANTA’s image, changing the logo
2008 – expanding the product range, the company was awarded the “Euro Leader of 2007 Market Leader” title in the “Company” category
2009 – the company’s products were awarded the prestigious Eurocertificate and its GPS navigation was named “The Best in Poland”
2010 - ISO 9001:2008; ISO 14001:2004; PN-N-18001:2004 certification


Manta S.A. distributes its products mainly through large, specialised and nation-wide retail chains. It also cooperates with distribution companies operating in Europe and the EMEA region. The strong assets of the company are short delivery time and comprehensive customer service. In 2009, Manta started the construction of its own international logistics centre. The centre will be located on 5.3ha plot along S8 route through Radzymin – Wyszków. S8 express route between Wrocław-Psie Pole and Białystok will connect Wrocław, Łódź, Warsaw and Białostok regions. The route through Wrocław - Ostrów Mazowiecki constitutes the Polish part of E67 route, and the route through Warszawa - Ostrów Mazowiecki is a part of the Polish Via Baltica route. Such highly industrial localisation aims to ensure efficient flow of products to its recipients from Poland and from entire Europe. Manta strives to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of logistic processes as well as the customer satisfaction level. Eleven years of operation on the market obliges the company to develop even further, expand its product range and presence in European markets – this is why the new logistic centre is being built.

Why Manta?
This is the first company in Poland to enter into a license agreement with Phillips. Moreover, it also concluded a license agreement with Rovi- Macrovision, the Association of Polish Authors and Composers (ZAIKS) as well as all necessary licenses required by such a vast scope of products.
Manta Multimedia won the prestigious “Euro Leader of 2007 Market Leader” title in the “Company” category, and its products were numerously called the most popular on the market.


Prosocial activity, sponsorship
In its business, the company also takes account of others by supporting educational and cultural activities through sponsoring school contests or interest groups for children and youths. Manta has numerously supported orphanages and hospitals from the Mazovia Province, e.g. Children’s Hospital at Litewska Street and Cancer Centre. As for spor activities, the company has sponsored Impet Laski youth team, Bogdan Choma’s rally team in N2 class throughout 2 seasons, speedway club GTZ Grudziądz, and cooperated with Rzemieślnik Automobile club. Manta supports football league for Business League 2009 companies. Moreover, the company also sponsored popular TV shows such as “Big Brother”, “10 to 1” (Polish version of UK’s Fifteen to One), “Teleranek” (a TV show for children) or “Familiada” (a show being the Polish counterpart of USA’s Family Feud).

As of 24 July 2014, Manta S.A. is the Official Partner of Ekstraklasa. This recently signed contract entitles Manta to use the title and logo of Official Partner of Ekstraklasa in each area of its marketing activities. The contract is valid until the end of the season.

“Supporting Polish sport, especially football, has always been an important part of our activity. Establishing cooperation with Ekstraklasa is the next step on that path and I am pleased that we can announce that we have joined forces” – says Bogdan Wiciński, CEO of Manta S.A. 

“The contract with Manta S.A. is the second  commercial contract entered into by Ekstraklasa S.A. this year. – Manta is the sales leader of consumer electronics and home appliances as well as the best example proving that a Polish company may successfully compete even in the most demanding markets. I believe the title of Official Partner of Ekstraklasa strengthens the goodwill of Manta’s brand” – says Bogusław Biszof, President of the Management Board of Ekstraklasa S.A.

Between 2012 and 2014 Manta was the Official Partner of the Polish national football team and since 2014-2015 it has been the Official Partner of Ekstraklasa.

Manta is the first company in the electronic industry in Poland to introduce a recycling program and it is listed in the Register of Entrepreneurs and Electrical and Electronic Equipment Recovery Organisation under No. E0003050W as an inputter of electronic equipment. Apart from the obligations set forth in the Act, the company also duly informs its users about the proper means of electronic equipment recycling. Each package and user manual provides sufficient information on the appropriate means for electronic waste recycling. Equipment users may return waste equipment of the same type and quantity as the new purchase for free.
In terms of waste collection, Manta S.A. cooperates with Biosystem Elektrorecykling S.A.


Supporting entrepreneurship
Manta S.A. is an Innovative Ideas Incubator. The company started cooperation with young entrepreneurs having interesting ideas for their own business, thus helping state-of-the-art technology to enter the market under the wings of Manta. Soon one of such companies will debut in the market.
Moreover, the company intends to support scientists and creators whose unconventional and innovative ideas need a financial boost. Within the framework of Entrepreneurship Incubator, three support programs were established:

  •          Consumer project
  •          Start Up
  •          Expanded distribution

The aim of the Innovative Ideas Incubator is to create a chance for young entrepreneurs to develop in Poland through cooperation with a company with more than 10 years of experience in the Polish market. Innovation and creativity constitute the groundwork for the development of our European region, which is especially important for Manta.

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