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  • The holiday season is approaching


    The time of holiday vacations, numerous travels, and associated unforgettable experiences approaches. Summer novelties from Manta's Sport line, thanks to films with vivid colours and sharp images, will be appreciated not only by cyclists, motorcyclists and motorisation enthusiasts, but all fans of spending time in active and enjoyable manner. Manta recommends using the equipment as often…

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  • The state-of-the-art ANDROID 4K TVs from a Polish factory


    4K image of the highest quality. 48-inch Manta LED94801S EMPEROR TV set and 49-inch Manta LED94801S EMPEROR TV set, in addition to an open ANDROID platform, feature the best Ultra HD (4K) image quality. Screen resolution of these TV sets is 3840x2160 pixels! With image quality parameters this high, watching films is a pure pleasure. Thanks to a high resolution, the TV displays image in…

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  • A modern LTE smartphone with a revolutionary EASY SELFIE button


    Warsaw, 15 November 2016 – Manta S.A., the largest Polish manufacturer of household appliances and kitchen electronics, has introduced a new LTE smartphone with a revolutionary EASY SELFIE button. Manta MSP94501 EASY SELFIE PREMIUM is a smartphone that revolutionises selfies. Thanks to its unique design, the fashionable gold colour and fast LTE connection, the phone is an ideal…

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  • Wireless, color dizziness instead of a bouquet of flowers


    Manta SPK409 HARD BEAT is a very visually striking wireless Bluetooth speaker that has a built-in color LED backlighting it during operation. Feria colors in time to the music. The control buttons on the speaker cabinet allow you to change backlight mode. The device is made with attention to the greatest detail. The whole closed the designer and compact block of finished high-quality…

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  • Electric skateboard not only for the field


    Warsaw, 18 July 2016 – The company Manta S.A., the largest Polish supplier of radio and television equipment and household appliances launches a new  bigger electric skateboard with wheels of 10-inch diameter. Smart Balance Board MSB002 COBRA is the next model of a popular electric skateboard in Manta’s portfolio. Comparing to the previous model MSB001 Viper,…

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  • An elegant smartphone in the trendiest gold colour


    Warsaw, 28 June 2016 - Manta S.A., the largest Polish supplier of radio and television equipment and household appliances launches a new 5-inch smartphone in the trendiest colour of gold. The new Manta Quad Titan MSP95009 Bee model is a 5-inch smartphone distinguished by exceptionally elegant design. This phone is dedicated to those wanting to keep up with the latest fashion trends. Manta…

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  • Musical entertainment always at hand


    Warsaw, 7 June 2016 - the largest Polish supplier of radio and television equipment and household appliances - Manta S.A.  launches a multi-function Bluetooth speaker available in three colour variants. Manta SPK408 has been designed especially for young users who value modern design and multifunctional use. The speaker is available in three different colour variants - Cosmo and…

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  • Manta S.A. the Official Technological Partner of Drift Masters Grand Prix


    Warsaw, 4 March 2016 - One of the world's best drifting leagues - Drift Masters GP – has established co-operation with the largest Polish supplier of radio and television equipment and domestic appliances - Manta S.A. The joint activities of the companies will consist in promotion and marketing. For each Drift Masters Grand Prix event in the 2016 season Manta will deliver…

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